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It’s morning, and your feet touch the cool ceramic flooring, reminding you something is different. Walking by your desk, you open the doors to the second floor terrace overlooking a canopy of trees, with mountains in the distance. Taking in the tranquil beauty of the morning sun, you decide that this is the perfect place for some breakfast before beginning work.

There’s a common misconception about people who live a nomadic lifestyle, or travel extensively. That misconception is that they are wealthy.

We live during an amazing time, a time when technology allows a freedom previous generations never knew. This technological freedom allows today’s digital nomad to have a thriving career, while living the personal life they desire.

Embarking upon this journey means that you need to have steady income, while having complete freedom from an office, and there are many ways to do this.

Digital nomads with professional skills such as graphic designers, web developers, programmers, social media marketers, writers and teachers are halfway there. These are the types of skills, which enable people to take advantage of today’s telecommunications and internet capabilities. This means you can literally be thousands of miles away from work, and still deliver your skills in an effective manner. There are a growing number online professional service providers, such as Fiverr, Elance, Upwork, and 99Designs to help facilitate these markets across the globe.

Many will find that having passive income, such as writing an Ebook or creating an app, will allow them more time and flexibility to focus on the things important to them, such as volunteer work. There are literally hundreds of volunteer programs across the globe, allowing you to utilize your particular skills and help others, while getting to experience the adventure of living in a different culture.

Work without limits with Livations.

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