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The act of going outside of our homes and classrooms to educate ourselves and our children in ways we have never imagined.

It’s often said the best way to learn something is to experience it. Not in a text book or on a website but by seeing and touching. Imagine the impact on a child a trip to a foreign land where they experience the art, nature, history, language and culture there in. Living the destination and coming back with a new found knowledge and appreciation for something so different then their own.

Livations encourages the community to take their show on the road when it comes to education. Whether you are an individual desiring to learn a language or a family who sees travel as an opportunity to immerse yourselves in a culture where you expand your worldview, Livations is here to help facilitate this experience.

We offer properties around the world that have been hand selected to become bases of local knowledge. We are developing digital curriculums to help you explore the local art, nature, history, architecture and more.

Culture Immersion
Humanity is vast, with each culture and person bringing their own unique contribution to it. And as connected as we are today, there is nothing that can replace the experience of immersing yourself into a different culture.

Many who travel want to learn a new language. With classes available, there is no faster, or more effective method than being surrounded by the language at every turn. In fact, teaching your own native language abroad is a great way to not only provide an income, but to learn the local language, as well as develop friendships. And for children, an education abroad is the perfect opportunity to gain a dynamic multicultural world perspective, combined with a classical education. There are a number of remote schooling, or distance education options designed from pre-school to university level available.

Immersion into another culture is an experience in itself, and through this experience you learn a great deal. The exchange that occurs allows you to learn about the local culture and its people, but it also allows you to learn a great deal about yourself. With travel, learning never ceases. So discover more with Livations.

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