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Livations is the first accommodations marketplace to exclusively offer medium-term rentals of 28 nights or longer. We serve a global community of travelers who go far beyond the typical short stay. We offer a high quality, curated selection of properties with the best rates available. Our team identifies and curates a wide selection of accommodations best suited for longer stays in locations around the world.

Our Community
The Livations travel community is made up of many distinct groups such as Digital Nomads, Worldschoolers and Long Stay Vacationers.

Digital Nomads
Digital Nomads are location independent individuals who eschew the trappings of material things in exchange for a life of experiences and exploration. They move from place to place, country to country doing their work remotely. Some are remote workers for companies while others are entrepreneurs. They leverage the Internet to allow themselves freedom.

Whether it’s parents who decide to educate their kids by traveling the world or individuals desiring to completely immerse themselves in a culture. World schooling is about getting out of the classroom. Learning about an environment in the environment. Livations encourages its community to go beyond the traditional learning environment and truly Liv in the world.

Long Stay Vacationers
This group has decided a week is not enough. If relaxation and unplugging is the goal, longer stays are the answer. From snowbirds to families to couples looking to reconnect. Long Stay Vacations allow one to truly Liv a destination.

LIV Token
Soon the Livations community will be incentivized by the LIV Token. LIV Token is a Blockchain based digital currency. LIV Token and other Blockchain based digital currencies (think Bitcoin etc.) can be used by the community to book a stay along with the regular old dollar if you so choose. You will receive LIV Tokens similar to how you might get airline or hotel points. These can be used for future stays or any other product or service we offer in the future.

Our Price Commitment
Livations is focused on keeping costs down. We work with lodging providers of all types to provide the lowest rates possible. Providers know they only get longer stays with us so they are willing to offer the best possible rates. Unlike typical rental sites, we charge no consumer fee.

Our Future
At Livations we see an amazing time ahead. Where many of us go back to our roots of nomadic movement. Where our community encourages each other to go beyond. To explore this world we live in with passion.

To go out and truly Liv.

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